While serving as President of the Brockton City Council, Robert Sullivan
organized a quarterly joint meeting of all BrocktonⳠelected officials, so that city residents could
address them all at once. This was a very successful and historic endeavor.

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    2014 Brockton
    City Council

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    Public Safety
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    the Economy
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    Senior Citizens and Retirees
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    Opposing the
    proposed power plant
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    Business Districts
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    Representing the interests of ALL residents and business owners

"A father, a husband, a concerned citizen."

"As a Brockton Councillor-At-Large since 2006, I have worked hard to represent all residents and business owners. I have brought forward new ideas and provided strong leadership. In 2008, 2014, and 2017, I have served as the City Council President, after being unanimously elected by my peers.

I believe that my experience, proven leadership and independent voice have brought about positive results. However, there are still many challenges ahead that impact our neighborhoods, environment, children, senior citizens, schools and municipal finances.

I possess the necessary experience and leadership qualities coupled with my legal training and business background, which strengthen my qualifications as a City Council candidate that will best serve Brockton.

I will be a strong advocate for all city residents. I have the background, experience, and knowledge required to be an effective City Councillor who will respond to the needs and expectations Brockton residents.

I am committed to making the City a better place to live and to work. I will ensure that your concerns and values are strongly represented. My proven leadership and experience will allow me to continue to be an effective City Councillor. With your support, we can bring about the positive changes that our City deserves.

The upcoming election is about improving the economic, educational, environmental and public safety conditions for Brockton. I ask for your support so that I can work with you and for you to make a better future for all of us."

~ Robert Sullivan